Mercy Health Saint Mary's - 9th Floor Renovation

The task at hand for this project was to renovate the existing Obstetric Unit located on the 9th floor of the Mercy Health Saint Mary’s bed tower. Since the existing unit must continue to operate, the project was split into several phases. The first phase was the largest, taking up nearly the entire southern portion of the 9th floor. This phase included the family waiting area, two C-section rooms, four triage rooms, six postpartum/antepartum flex rooms and nine labor and delivery rooms. The second phase occupied the northeast patient rooms, covering nine postpartum rooms in total. The last phase had two sub-parts, A&B. Phase 3A completed the remaining nine postpartum rooms, along with the nursery and general staff support areas. Towards the end of 3A, phase 3B kicked-off, which concluded construction with the renovation of the elevator lobbies.


Project Type

200 Jefferson Avenue SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Project Location