• Self-Performed Trades
  • Safety
  • Firestopping
  • Design-Build
  • Construction Management
  • Facilities

Self-Performed Trades


Since 1945, our in-house trade professionals have brought expertise, safety, precision and flexibility to a variety of projects. From carpentry to steel fabrication and everything in between, our in-house trade professionals will ensure the success of every project. Our trades include:
– Sitework and Excavation
– Selective Demolition
– Concrete
– Steel Fabrication and Erection
– Carpentry
– Interior Framing and Finishes
– Painting
– Firestopping



When you are in a dangerous business like construction, or aluminum manufacturing, the possibility of death in the workplace is real. A culture of safety championed by leaders who genuinely care about their workers is tough to grumble about at the water cooler.

Learn more about how we can help your safety program.



Making the places where we work and live safe goes beyond what the eye can see. Our Firestopping team is committed to using a variety of products and devices to ensure buildings are safe in the event of a fire. We’re the first in Michigan to be dual certified in UL and FM. We also remain the only West Michigan team that is a Hiliti® Acccredited Speciality Contractor. Our motto of “Beyond Compliance” is one we champion with pride in every aspect of our work. For more information, visit



The design-build delivery system offers one point of contact, one partner and one trusted service provider. Our team combines expert builders with highly trained designers to deliver a seamless experience. This process will increase speed to market and simplify the design process.

Construction Management


A construction management arrangement offers the greatest combination of traditional contracting services and early planning resources. Our CM team draws on decades of experience to customize the process for the unique needs and goals of the client. Whether an Agency CM is needed, or a CM at-risk, we’ll lead the way.



Our facilities services division provides unique services and capabilities for a variety of facility needs. From 24-hour emergencies to national maintenance and service agreements, our FSD crews can handle projects ranging from $50,000 to $500,000.

Begin Building

When you’re ready to build, we’re ready to serve. Let’s begin building together.